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Leading in Reverse Osmosis and Waste Water Treatment, Gas Turbine & Process Compressor Cleaning Systems and Chemicals


We don’t believe in bad water – just water that needs the right treatment. Even if it’s the foulest black or grey water, the unique and proven range of modules in ROCHEM’S membrane systems reject all viruses, bacteria and suspended solids, leaving just pure and clean water that can be safely discharged to the environment or reused.


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Leading in Reverse Osmosis and Waste Water Treatment

The ROCHEM Group of companies was founded in 1973 to serve the needs of marine customers in the marine chemical and maintenance field in major countries and ports worldwide. It expanded into over 50 countries including industrial clients as well. This business was sold in 1989 in order to focus on membrane technology. Since that time, ROCHEM has become a world leader in the use of membrane technologies to treat difficult waters. For over 30 years ROCHEM Group’s personnel have provided the highest level of customer service around the globe in membrane applications ranging from landfill leachate to seawater desalination, from nuclear contaminated groundwater to black and greywater recovery.
patented modules provide highly advanced treatment systems that are reliable and easy to operate. Our specialty is successfully treating liquids that most people say cannot be treated with membrane technologies.

ROCHEM offers complete systems to end users, as well as, modules and technical support to OEMs who wish to use the patented technologies in their own systems.

ROCHEM Group AG is the owner of and R.T.S Technical Services® trademarks registered worldwide. This brand stands for long experience and quality.

Over the years, ROCHEM technology and companies were sold, whilst the research and development always remained under the leadership of ROCHEM Group AG, and its chief designer Mr. Wilhelm Heine.

ROCHEM first introduced Reverse Osmosis into it’s product line in 1982 by obtaining a license from GKSS for their plate technology. Over the next several years, while producing and marketing the GKSS Module, ROCHEM pursued an ambitious course of development to overcome the operational difficulties that ship owners had been experiencing with competitive RO Technology.

This research led to the development of the Disc Tube Module by Mr. Wilhelm Heine and his research team. This invention received worldwide patent coverage.

Lately the PF Module (Plate and Frame) was developed and patented, which has an improved function compared to earlier modules developed by the ROCHEM research team. It is a unique membrane module construction that is an open channel, unrestricted and fully turbulent feed water flow system.

This means that suspended solids carried in the feed water cannot be trapped or easily settle inside the membrane module. Most importantly, it also means that the infrequent and highly successful maintenance cleaning of the membrane can be achieved using a standard in-built recirculation cleaning system.
Unlike other RO systems, the and R.T.S Technical Services® PF-PFG Module Technology eliminates the need for pretreatment of sea water feed with acid. Also, the PF Module operates without difficulty on filtered sea water with a silt density index (SDI) as high as 20. Other module systems specify SDI limits as low as 1.0 necessitating use of complex filtration equipment and chemical treatment of the feed water. SDI requirements for PF systems can be easily provided by simple sand and cartridge filters.

The successful development of the PF Module was only made possible by a precise technical approach in developing the total RO system. ROCHEM possesses the rare capability of being both module manufacturer and systems manufacturer. This dual capability, plus direct contact with the end user, is of great advantage to the customer. ROCHEM’s continued membrane development has lead to breakthroughs in RO, Nano, and UF development, as well as, small footprint bioreactors.
The ROCHEM team has seen through over 3000 installations ranging from small vessels to the largest marine vessels, including NATO Navies, cruise ships, industrial plants, nuclear waste water, hotels and ROCHEM is successfully treating landfill Leachate (liquid toxic waste) at many locations including Schonberg, one of the largest waste disposal sites in Europe.

ROCHEM has developed concentrate systems to further concentrate Leachate and other toxic waste water. It has systems in operation at 120, 160 and 200 Bar pressures. and
R.T.S Technical Services® systems are the only ones  operating at these parameters and ROCHEM continues its extensive research and development utilizing its patented technology # EP 2870993  (PF-PFG, TRIPLE S/TS modules). TRIPLE S modules are for Selective Substance Separation.

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World Leaders in Gas Turbine & Process Compressor Cleaning Systems and Chemicals (FYREWASH®)

ROCHEM has been a world leader since 1978 in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning technology, cleaning chemicals and associated equipment. ROCHEM is the only company in the world that designs, manufactures, markets and supports its own systems and chemicals on a worldwide basis.

ROCHEM gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems and chemicals are available and well-known worldwide under the trade name FYREWASH®.

ROCHEM patented cleaning system technology is based on our own unique atomizing injection nozzle system designs and the broadest range of manual to fully-automated wash skids to suit every make and type of gas turbine and process compressor.

We also offer the widest range of proven and approved compressor cleaning chemicals because there is no such thing as one single chemical formulation that can deal effectively with every operating and fouling condition.

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